The Artist


American painter Heather Dawn Batchelor refers to herself as a contemporary expressionist. From small, colorful pieces to large wall size paintings, her art uses bold colors and gestures to illustrate her memories and experiences.

As long as she can remember Heather has been trying to find the right outlet for her creativity.  Whether it was ballet, music, theatre or painting- art has always been the way she felt most comfortable expressing herself.
Heather was born in Indianapolis and grew up in the city until her parents moved the family to work on a horse farm in Boone County, Indiana. Along with animals, Heather grew up with art as a major influence in her life; her grandmother was a painter and her father a photographer. Her mother had always dreamed of being a singer and enrolled Heather in piano and dance classes when she was very young. After high school, she lived and studied in many different places including NYC, LA, China and The Herron School of Art before finally settling back in her home state of Indiana to raise her two children. 
For many years Heather's creative focus was on building an equestrian handbag company. Combining her love of animals and art she started by designing whimsical fabrics and sewing bags by hand in her upstairs guest bedroom. Eventually, her bags would be sold globally on five out of seven continents. As the bag company grew, Heather became less and less involved with the hands-on creative process. 
After the bags, she returned to her love of painting. In 2018 she started painting again to regain control of her artistic process. Heather’s painting style is a  physical process combining  elements of dance, music and performance often applying the paint with her hands and arms.
Heather resides in Ocala, FL with her husband.

Heather’s work has been shown and sold throughout the US and Internationally.